Seasoned Expert Witness & Owner's Representative for Commercial Construction Projects

Construction Consulting Professionals

Let our trusted professionals at Doherty & Associates, Inc. of Mundelein, Illinois, serve as owner's representative or expert witness for any building project. Our client-focused firm provides several support services for commercial construction owners, especially those involved in the education market segment. We can attest to the legalities of each aspect of your project, from procedures to safety measures. We also help in litigation proceedings involving workplace injuries.

In-Depth Consultation
Get a full grasp of your project's situation as we offer consultations and on-site management. Our firm gives detailed advice that helps address various construction issues, from the macro to the micro level. Some of the tasks we accomplish for construction owners include:

• Managing Costs
• Overseeing Construction 
• Reporting to the Public 
• Presenting to the Board & Stakeholders
• Overseeing & Managing Design
• Giving Advice on Environmental Issues
• Analyzing Life Safety Funds to Supplement Capital Expansion Programs
• Setting Design & Construction Timetables
• Attending Subcommittee Meetings
• Working with Local Agencies for Permitting Requirements

Construction Projects
The range of programs and projects our firm handles varies, from new buildings on the Greenfield sites to renovation of aging facilities. We also work closely with community school districts, providing consultations for various types of schools, including K-8 programs.

Contact us in Mundelein, Illinois, to seek professional support for your commercial construction projects.