About Doherty & Associates, Inc.

Doherty & Associates, Inc. of Mundelein, Illinois, has acquired a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the construction industry. John Doherty, the founder of our recognized consulting firm, extends his services to providing consultation and proper representation for property owners.

Learning Facilities
For the past 18 years, Mr. Doherty has focused his career in one construction market segment, K-12 education. He has assisted multiple public school districts across Northeast Illinois with achieving their capital expansion plans. The total cost of successfully managed programs exceeded $650 million of expenditures by public school districts to improve educational facilities. Some of the tasks he has successfully accomplished during this period include:

• Advised on the Hiring of Consultants as Required 
• Prepared, Issued, & Evaluated RFQs/RFPs for
   Consultant Employment  
• Obtained Occupancy for More Than 20 School Buildings in Concert with
   the Regional Superintendent of Schools & Local Fire Marshall
• Served as a Key Advisor for Numerous Successful Pre-Referendum Efforts

Founder Background 
During the above tenure, Mr. Doherty additionally held various positions within large construction management firms. For over a decade, he acted as business unit leader and principal for different projects. He was also responsible for getting a return on investment for the firm. His knowledge in the following fields helps him successfully support construction project owners:

• 30 ILCS 500/Illinois Procurement Code
• Flood Plain Construction 
• Public School Permitting Process
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